Answers to questions asked by DWT

Answers to questions asked by Dorset Wildlife Trust

Before answering the specific questions asked of my me the Trust, I need to point out that by far the most urgent need is for our environmental policy to take centre stage along side our economic policy, and be understood as two sides of the same coin. We also need to move the goal of our economic policy away from that of economic growth towards that of meeting the needs of everyone whilst living within the means set by the planet.

  1. What will you do to ensure our wildlife is protected and restored after Brexit?

The Green Party will fight to get all EU regulations that safeguards our wildlife, ensures our animal welfare, and protects our environment, incorporated into UK law. The challenge, of course, will be ensuring that once incorporated into UK law they are rigorously enforced.

  1. What will you do to ensure that wildlife thrives in our seas once more?

We need to return the acidification of our oceans (as a result of carbon dioxide emissions) to pre-industrial levels. We need prevent their pollution from synthetic organic pollution by changing our farming policy and practice away from its current ‘industrial’ approach. And we need to rapidly prevent further soft plastics from entering our oceans.

  1. What will you do to ensure we have new farming policies that support nature’s recovery?

Molly Scot-Cato, the Green MEP for the South West has already commissioned two reports that examine farming policy and practice post Brexit. As a society we need to seriously reconsider our approach to the food we eat – we need to move towards eating less but better quality food grown and produced at local farms using organic methods and adopting the highest standards of animal welfare.

  1. What will you do to make sure we move to a low carbon economy?

The Green Party will prioritise measures to tackle climate change. It will campaign for a massive investment in renewable technologies and energy efficient homes, and it will campaign for a new Environmental Protection Act.


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