Who is this person who has the audacity to share his thoughts with the world in the belief that someone might actually be interested?

Well, my name is Kelvin Clayton. I am a philosopher and Green Party activist living in Bridport. I am the Bridport Green Party councillor on Dorset Council and a councillor on Bridport Town Council. The thoughts that I express here are my own, but I hope that they coincide with those of the Green Party of England and Wales, and do not upset anyone on the two councils that I am privileged to serve on.

And, I want to change the world! Not on my own, that is not possible. But with your help. The world I want to change is the social world. Not the wider physical and biological world – if anything, and as far as is possible, I think that should be left alone and allowed to recover from the damage being inflicted on it by the social world. So, just the social world. Why do I want to change this world? Well, if I, or rather we, don’t, I fear for the future of humanity on this planet. I fear, for example, that continuing with our dominant economic model, a model that has as its aim continuous economic growth, a model that believes in the power of markets to resolve all our problems, will result in us destroying natural resources upon which human life is dependent and will so completely saturate natural sinks with our waste products that we will make our planet uninhabitable. I fear that unless we take serious measures now to halt the man-made rise in global temperatures we will pass a point of no return, and that the consequences will be devastating for human life on this planet. In short I fear that a significant number of the world’s population, and the vast majority of its politicians, are so ignorant of our relationship with the natural world, and so focused on personal gain, that they are endangering the future of humanity.